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leadership development organization

About AcademyWomen

AcademyWomen is a global leadership and professional development organization that empowers aspiring, current and past women military leaders through mentoring, training, and growth opportunities to impact positive change locally, nationally and globally. This mission is achieved by serving a broader community of all military women, families, and veterans.

AcademyWomen Serves a Broader Community as the Women's Military and Veteran Support Fund (CFC#22344)

Military women, families, and veterans who proudly serve often face professional challenges, PTSD, sexual assault, and transition issues in silent isolation. Through mentorship, online community building, events, and transition assistance, we help our heroes reach their highest potential.


Membership is open to women from all commissioning sources and all individuals committed to the success of empowering aspiring, current and past military women through mentoring, training, and growth opportunities to achieve their highest potential and work/life balance.

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