A premiere professional women's networking and
leadership development organization

AcademyWomen Mission

AcademyWomen is a leadership and professional development organization that empowers aspiring, current and past women military leaders through mentoring, training, and growth opportunities to impact positive change locally, nationally, and globally. 

This mission is achieved by serving a broader community of all military women, families and veterans.

AcademyWomen Vision

A world where military women are widely recognized for the leadership and strength they provide for the defense of the nation.  A premiere networking, professional and personal development community providing a respected source of support and insight for women military officers and veterans throughout all stages of their personal and professional development where they openly:

* Honestly share their life experiences and challenges, without fear of judgment

* Laugh, learn, and find inspiration in other women's stories

* Seek and offer mentorship

* Value and embrace how they live and lead as women





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