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Louise C. Wilmot

First woman to command a United States naval base

Rear Admiral, US NAVY

Louise was the highest ranking female naval officer at time of retirement. She invested much time champoining the cause of women in the workplace.   SHe worke to improve conditions for women in the Navy, heading its Women's Equal Opportunity branch for two years in the 1970s. And in June, she was one of the U.S. representatives to the 1993 Conference on the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces in Brussels. There, she led discussions of issues such as career opportunities, sexual harassment and gender-integrated training.She was also on a list to have replaced Gen. Colin Powell as chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staffs.  On August 18, 1994, she retired from the United States Navy, and accepted a position at Catholic Relief Services as deputy executive director for public outreach.

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