Women have served proudly since the founding of this great nation and in every military conflict since the Revolutionary War.  Throughout time, military women continue to accomplish and excel in the training, education and professional development required to become military service members.  Today, over 200,000 women serve in the military in every occupation open to women and in every pay grade through Four-Star General and Vice Admiral ranks.

Until 2003, there was no organization that addressed the specific professional and personal needs of officer and senior enlisted military women. Women either relied on their own personal motivation or the support of friends, families and personal contacts.

AcademyWomen is a 501c3 non-profit organization created by and for military women to provide mentoring services and extensive networking and development opportunities. AcademyWomen brings women with similar experiences and challenges, together for support, mentorship, personal and professional development. In addition, AcademyWomen provides insight, research and advocacy on policy issues relating to military women and veterans.

AcademyWomen programs are designed to meet the multiple needs of our members.  For leadership and professional development, networking and continued inspiration, we offer the Officer Women Leadership Symposium.  To address the needs of those women transitioning to new careers or wanting insight on how to better position themselves professionally, we offer the annual Career Coaching Workshop and monthly events as part of the Webinar Series.  Mentoring and coaching opportunities are woven throughout our events and programs.

Our members are the pioneers who bravely sought military training and now represent a new and outstanding paradigm of leadership. Membership is open to all current, former, and future women military officers or all affiliates supportive of the AcademyWomen mission.  Membership is FREE because we feel military women have already earned the right to be called AcademyWomen.

AcademyWomen is aligned for the greater good of the military and it is our belief that every woman who chooses to serve her country should be fully prepared to do so.