AcademyWomen Needs Your Support

For every gift given, 94% directly funds programs that benefit current, former and future military women. Your tax deductible donations will help AcademyWomen continue developing and sustaining the infrastructure necessary to accomplish our mission to support, inspire and enable women to reach their full potential as leaders.

Other Ways to Contribute

Donations can be made online through PayPal, or by mail.

For Payment By Check 

Please make payable to AcademyWomen and mail to: 


PO Box 5583 

San Jose, CA 95150-5583 

For Payment By Credit Card, Wire Transfer, or Other Payment Questions 

Please contact our team at 

1-888-476-6112 or

Donations & Annual Gifts

You can also contribute to AcademyWomen directly through annual gifts. After assessing your tax situation and seeking the advice of your financial or legal advisors regarding the impact of your gift on your income tax return and estate, we hope you’ll select AcademyWomen as a year-end gift recipient. You may also want to give a gift of securities or stocks. For further information on gift giving please email

Matching Funds & Corporate Contributions

Corporate contributions are welcome.

Email with your suggestions for people, institutions, companies or foundations that may be interested in supporting our activities or matching your donation. Your own employers may be willing to support us; sometimes it just takes asking the right question.

Combined Federal Campaign

CFC CampaignAcademyWomen is listed as a national organization with the CFC as the Military and Veteran Women Support Fund. Please designate AcademyWomen’s Military and Veteran Women Support Fund (#22344) as one of your choice charities during this year’s CFC fund drive. Tell your friends, families and colleagues to do the same!!

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Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchase to AcademyWomen every time you make a purchase. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know, with the same products and same prices, you will simply have the chance to support our organization through the unique link at